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A history of U.S. Presidential drinking habits

Here’s an interesting article I came across while sitting in a Malibu home in the hills, overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  (This detail has nothing to do with the story.  I just wanted to document it because this place is awesome.)  It’s a history of the drink of choice for every single U.S. President.   Some of the historical records used to validate this are a bit of a stretch, but either way, it’s an interesting historical account of the drinking habits of the leader of the free world. (A term that first came into play during the Cold War, by the way.)

History: Every U.S. President’s Favorite Drink

Happy Labor Day, everybody.

‘The Making of the Mob: Chicago’ is good

AMC‘s “The Making of the Mob: Chicago” is a fascinating look at the rise of Al Capone and the mafia in Chicago in the early 20th century. I didn’t see the first season, “The Making of the Mob: New York,” but the fact that this story takes place in Chicago drew me in.  Not to mention, I’m a bit of a history buff.

Does it glorify the mob a bit?  Of course.  Does it sensationalize it?  Yes.  This is entertainment.  But it also does a great job of providing a historical account of how Al “Scarface” Capone came the be–from his upbringing in Brooklyn, to his migration to Chicago in which he joins Johnny Torrio.  It also paints a lively picture of Prohibition era America, and Prohibition era Chicago, in particular.  And this is just the first two episodes.

I’m really trying to limit my TV these days.  Focusing more on getting work done and real life. But this is one show on the air this summer that is worth checking out.  Especially if you are fascinated by history, and the lessons that can be learned from it.

Reviews of ‘The Making of the Mob: Chicago’: