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Wore my dad’s Cubs shirt to last night’s Game 4 win

Cool story (at least, to me) about last night’s Cubs win. My dad and I are actually White Sox fans (yeah, I know it’s confusing since I root for the Cubs. I have some Cubs history, too, including meeting Harry Caray, thanks to my dad). But I was able to watch games 6 and 7 of last year’s Word Series with him. Somebody got my dad a Cubs t-shirt during last year’s series (I believe). Either way, I ended up with it. I wore it to the Cubs’ NLCS win last night. Was a great, connected moment for me.

Rough end to a great season for the Cubs tonight. The Dodgers were clearly the better team and wish them the best.  Shout out to my Dodger friends in one of my old homes, as well.

The 2016 Chicago Cubs are World Series Champions

The 2016 Chicago Cubs are World Series Champions. Absolutely incredible. I was able to watch the Game 5 win from Wrigleyville and watch Games 6 & 7 with my Dad in Indianapolis. My Dad and I are both White Sox fans but it doesn’t matter.  It played out perfectly.  Couldn’t ask for anything more. Incredible.