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Wore my dad’s Cubs shirt to last night’s Game 4 win

Cool story (at least, to me) about last night’s Cubs win. My dad and I are actually White Sox fans (yeah, I know it’s confusing since I root for the Cubs. I have some Cubs history, too, including meeting Harry Caray, thanks to my dad). But I was able to watch games 6 and 7 of last year’s Word Series with him. Somebody got my dad a Cubs t-shirt during last year’s series (I believe). Either way, I ended up with it. I wore it to the Cubs’ NLCS win last night. Was a great, connected moment for me.

Rough end to a great season for the Cubs tonight. The Dodgers were clearly the better team and wish them the best.  Shout out to my Dodger friends in one of my old homes, as well.

Dee Gordon, Aledmys Diaz honor Jose Fernandez in uplifting fashion

The Miami Marlin’s Dee Gordon hit his first home run of the season on Monday night, right after honoring late teammate Jose Fernandez.  It’s an all around great moment, and the response from the dugout is the definition of TEAM.  If anybody ever tries to tell you that the negatives of sports outweigh the positives, don’t listen.

Then, just a night later, Aledmys Diaz, childhood friend of Jose Fernandez, in his first game back after the memorial service, honors his friend and hits his first career grand slam to put the Cardinals up 5-2 in the bottom of the 4th.  The Cardinals went on to win 12 – 5.

Say what you will.  Even if you chalk it up to coincidence or happenstance, it makes these individual acts of hitting home runs under these circumstances no less incredible.  These are uplifting moments.